Please support our efforts and help us create a place to provide shelter, education and support for those in need.

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Home Again of Georgia, Inc. provides assistance through the following services:


Personal Services

We specialize in providing accommodations that offer our residents a healthy environment in which they can rebuild their lives. We also offer:

  • Physical and mental health evaluations to monitor their growth
  • Long-term housing (over 90 days)
  • Traditional housing (90 days or less)
  • Three healthy meals a day with vegetarian and vegan options
  • Referral services and peer support groups with others who suffer from similar conditions
  • Transportation to and from medical and social appointments

Professional Services

We also offer career counseling and training sessions. These are designed to make it possible for residents to develop their careers and adjust within various work environments. Our professional services include:

  • Assessment sessions to identify individual skills and help residents secure jobs in appropriate industries
  • Professional development sessions for residents to help them search for suitable jobs and adjust to new workplaces
  • Preparatory courses for GEDs, colleges, and technical schools directed at qualification improvement and skill development

Economic Services

We aspire to help our residents improve financially by informing them how to invest in fruitful business ventures and maximize their experience. To that end, we offer services including:

  • Financial counseling sessions that train residents in a wide range of economic areas, including salary negotiation
  • Training in banking and credit management
  • Property counseling sessions that include:
    • training in real estate, purchasing property, and purchasing automobiles
    • assistance throughout the investment process
    • Realtor recommendations

All of our services are geared towards helping homeless persons suffering from HIV/AIDS reclaim their lives and become a part of society again with their heads held high.