Please support our efforts and help us create a place to provide shelter, education and support for those in need.

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   About Us

Home Again of Georgia, Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing assistance and shelter to persons living with HIV/AIDS who do not have the means to live independently. Our aim is to provide a caring, supportive environment that helps them rebuild their lives from scratch. Our clients can count on us to provide a safe haven for them until they are ready to enter society once again.

Mission and Vision

We aspire to establish a place where persons living with HIV/AIDS can come and feel at home. All of our facilities are fully furnished and equipped with everything that is necessary to help low income homeless persons who have trouble acquiring financial support and accommodation due to their conditions.

Home Again of Georgia, Inc. provides more than just a place for them to call home. People who are HIV positive have special needs that we can accommodate. Our mission is to help residents live normal lives by guaranteeing three meals a day, shelter, and transportation.

Our range of services includes:

  • Free health screenings
  • Personal growth classes
  • Career counseling

Each of our clients is expected to attend daily lectures 5 days a week in order to make their transition into society easier. We encourage our clients to work in order to polish their lifestyles. Our training sessions are designed to encourage them to pursue careers by preparing them for job interviews and training them to adjust within various work environments.

We Care

At Home Again of Georgia, Inc., we strive to provide the highest quality of care and service to our residents. From medical health conditions to financial planning, we guide them through each aspect of life so that they can find it easier to move on with their own. Our mission is to make our residents feel happy, satisfied, and ultimately give them the encouragement they need to look society in the eye once again.

We are based in the metro Atlanta Area. Our success is a result of your donations, love, and volunteer work.

Home Again of Georgia, Inc. was inspired by Home Again of New Orleans, where Ms. Roberta Brown is CEO/Executive Director.